Where the Monkey Sleeps offers an extremely professional catering service to us with friendly and reliable staff. The food is always well received, varied and they have always catered to any requests we have made. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Janice McCready, Creative Scotland

Nothing is ever too much trouble for The Monkey. The sandwiches are really high quality, different from what you get from other places and great value. I would highly recommend them!

Steven Crumlish, GAP Hire Solutions

Their sandwiches are as big as my head and my head is massive. The Wychfinder General and the Uncle Frank are masterpieces of the form. I am so addicted to WTMS

Bram E. Gieben

Totally original and very tasty. I first came across Where The Monkey Sleeps when they catered a meeting I was at and the sandwiches were so good I had to go back the following week for lunch. Both shops have a really cool vibe and the food is great (and not too pricey, considering it’s Glasgow city centre!). Top tip – if you’re in a rush, do phone ahead and order, especially in the Argyle St shop as it’s mobbed at lunchtime.However, if you phone ahead you can join the “grab and go” queue and it’s a lot quicker. I can recommend the Witchfynder General, and for a dessert the peppermint slice is top!

Gillian-Louise Herd

Amazing little spot with extremely good food. As it is my last day in Scotland i was thrilled to have the haggis roll. Fabulous taste, incredible value and very fresh roll! Everything on the menu sounds good with great names. (Who wouldn’t order something called TharSheBlows or MeatfortheBeast) Wishing I was here longer so I could try it all!

Jennifer Strath