Catering Menu

Not Your Average Monkey

All of our sandwiches are prepared on proper French baker's bread, baked daily.
A salad or pasta salad is available as a sandwich substitute.
We only use the very best local and fresh ingredients. 
We recommend you specify numbers of meat and vegetarian options and let us take care of the rest.
Please let us know if you have any more specific requirements.

Example Monkeys

The Fight Club – Roast chicken, crispy bacon, sliced egg, cherry tomato, mixed leaves, balsamic, and chilli mayo.
The EX-Pat – Roast beef, parmesan, rocket, red onion marmalade, and whole grain mustard.
The Lovely Lizzie - Mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil, mixed leaves, herb oil, and pesto. 

Lunch Packages

The Pygmy - £3.90pp
1 sandwich/salad/pasta salad

The Baboon - £4.70pp
1 sandwich/salad/pasta salad
1 packet of crisps

The Gibbon - £5.30pp
1 sandwich/salad/pasta salad
1 packet of crisps
1 piece of fruit

The Golden Lion - £6.90
1 sandwich/salad/pasta salad
1 packet of crisps
1 piece of fruit
1 cake

Make Your Own Monkey

Don't fancy any of our packages? Put together your own by choosing from the following:-

Sandwich/Salad/Pasta Salad - £3.90
Cake - £1.60
1/2 Cake - £0.80
Piece of Fruit - £0.60
Fruit Skewers - £1.40
Fruit Salad Pot - £2.50
Crisps - £0.80
Juice Cartons - £1.80 (serves 3)
Drinks - from £1

A selection of finger foods are also available on request. 


We offer breakfast platters of the following:-

Bacon/Sausage Roll - £1.75pp
Fried/Scrambled Egg Roll - £1.90pp
Potato Scone Roll - £1.20pp
Black Pudding/Haggis Roll - £1.95pp
Assorted Freshly Baked French Pastries - £1.80pp
Fruit Bowl - £0.60pp
Fruit Skewers - £1.40pp
Fruit Salad Pots - £2.50pp
Coffee - £1.60pp
Tea - £1.40pp
Juice Cartons - £1.80 (serves 3)
Fruit Juice - £1.50pp

Everything else...

Please note all of the above prices are excluding VAT. We aim to be the one stop shop for all your office meetings and events. If you don't see what your looking for in the selection above, please get in touch and we can put together a package that fits your requirements. Whether it's canapes or hot food, nothing is too much trouble for our monkeys! Email us at for more information.